Hello Everyone and a Happy Easter Monday:)

I have thoroughly enjoyed sending out information to everyone through my Fitness Inspiration page and have received wonderful feedback which I thank you all for.

So I have decided to start a blog...Why?

I have kept my posts fairly short but find I have so much more information to pass on that a blog will now allow me to do this and expand more information on to all of you!!!

I have a passion; mine is Fitness, Nutrition, Motivating, Inspiring, and helping others to be the best you anyone can be, I love sharing that passion with anyone and everyone who may share the same passion or even those who just need a small boost to help get them started.

I am a teacher, a teacher of Fitness and Health that is for 20+ years so educating others on this topic allows me to give you an abundance of info plus some links to products and equipment:)

Blogging will also allow all of my posts to be seen again if you would like to refer back to a post from before you will always be able to find it.

I want people to learn something new, if you are like me I crave new information whether that's a step-by-step process, tutorial video, new trends, entertainment, or just general knowledge of something up to date and I love being able to share that with you!

Lastly, I love connecting with people, sharing all of our good days and bad days, lifting each other up when we struggle, and listening to your feedback means the world to me.

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