If Not Now When?

People often say to me, How do you find the motivation to work out? To eat healthily all the time?

The truth is there are some days I dig very deep as my mind and body just want to give in and sit down and say forget it, today girlfriend oh and get me a banana split while you're at it.

This is perfectly normal it's called being human, even the most productive and successful people in the world have downtimes and days, but the key to overcome and continue forward is to take one small step, yes just one that's all it takes, doesn't mean you have to jump into a workout for an hour or cut out all sugar, wine or desserts, it means small steps.

That may look as simple as going into the fridge and eating an apple that day or walking to the mailbox instead of driving, the saying goes "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" that's all it takes one step at a time.

I've had years of practice when it comes to motivation, was I born with it? absolutely Not, was it easy? absolutely Not, do I feel good when I eat healthily? Yes absolutely, do I feel good after my workouts? Yes absolutely.

Start from wherever you are and with whatever you've got and I promise you change happens.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Enjoy the read



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