When Veggies Aren't Healthy

Happy Friday!

Honestly, I really love my veggies, I make a big pan every few days spice them up, and eat them with my protein and carbs every day.

Unfortunately, I had to find out the hard way that my digestive system cannot tolerate some raw veggies and some very cruciferous ones as well.

I did have to remove them from my diet however I was still able to cook them and eat most, not all in smaller amounts.

I can now say my digestion has improved like you wouldn't believe, with less bloating, gas, pain, and distention, what a difference.

I was always one to believe that all veggies are healthy so I ate them all however understanding that not all veggies were healthy for MY system has been a wonderful change for me.

Find what works for you! Small changes can make a huge difference.

Have a wonderful weekend


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